Tools That Work for You


Alex Audio Butler

Automatic Mixing for Video Editors.
A plugin suite for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Roger Audio Online

Get the best version of your audio.
Fix & Mix voice recordings in the browser.


Product development, C++ programming, DSP, JUCE
For audio software and more.


Unimule wants to help automate all non-creative parts of content creation. With a background in professional audio production software our current focus is simplifying audio for video editors.

Our first product Alex Audio Butler is a plug-in suite for Adobe Premiere Pro that saves video makers valuable editing time better spent elsewhere. It allows handling all audio-mixing only on by high-level preferences, without needing to think about audio-details. Apart from enabling shorter turn-around time Alex Audio Butler can prevent mistakes and create better, more consistent end-products or client-previews.

Roger Audio Online allows anyone who works with audio (video makers, podcasters, e-learning, interviews) get the best version of their recordings, without leaving the browser. Automatic Fixing & Mixing removes noise, fixes equalization and ensures a consistent volume.

With the constantly increasing demand for video-contant we foresee a future where more and more repetitive chores will be transferred to machines enabling humans to focus on what they do best: create beautiful, interesting, engaging content,